Friday, December 05, 2014

Keratherapy at Salon Beauvoir

I got a voucher from Deal Grocer for a Keratherapy treatment at Salon Beauvoir at a good price (only Php 3200 using Keratherapy brand products). I recently had a hair cut from my hair stylist at Fanny Serrano salon and I wanted to have a treatment for my frizzy hair but didn't want to spend so much for my short hair.

It's a good thing that I always check on the new deals that Deal Grocer offers and was happy that I was able to get this deal, super worth it.

I usually only buy food/restaurant vouchers because I have this fear that I will be given a crappy service if I use a discounted voucher. I was initially hesitant to get the Keratherapy treatment voucher at Salon Beauvoir because I am not familiar with the salon and I wouldn't want to be treated like crap, be given a bad hair treatment, and waste my money. I tried looking for customer reviews about the salon online but only found a few. But these few reviews convinced me that the salon doesn't discriminate voucher users/clients from their regular clients (one of the review also used a Deal Grocer voucher).

So, after buying the voucher, I called the salon to schedule my Keratherapy treatment. I had to reschedule several times due to conflict in my busy weekend sched but they were very accommodating with my requests. Once I got inside the salon, I just told them that I have a treatment schedule and I gave them my voucher. They told me to wait for my stylist who will explain the treatment to me.

The stylist was very nice. She explained very well what the treatment would be, how would it affect my hair, how long will it last and how should I maintain it. She also asked me if I wanted to buy their Keratherapy shampoo for maintenance but didn't push me to buy it if I don't want to.

After a while, she introduced me to her assistant who will shampoo my hair and put the Keratherapy treatment. Before washing my hair, the assistant offered me red iced tea or coffee. When the assistant was putting the solution in my hair, she was very nice and was explaining everything that she was about to do or what she was doing.

After the treatment, I was very happy with the service and my new treated hair. I didn't feel discriminated or looked down upon because of the voucher that I used. Next time, I'll also get the deal grocer hair color voucher of Salon Beauvoir :)

I would definitely come back here and I also would recommend this salon to others.

Reception Area

Reception/Waiting area

I have a cling wrap on my head!

VIP room and products display table

Shampoo area

Rows of tables and mirrors

After treatment :)

Salon Beauvoir
Upper G/F Somerset Olympia 7912 Makati Ave., Cor Sto. Tomas, Makati City, 1200, Philippines
Tel No: 904 5154


  1. Your hair looks great! How much is their Keratherapy shampoo and conditioner? :) I will be doing the same treatment on that salon, how's your hair now? :)

    1. Keratherapy shampoo costs around 1000-1500. Cheaper than other salons. Not sure about the conditioner though.

      My hair still looks great even if I dont blow dry my hair after taking a shower. It still feels soft and smooth