Monday, December 01, 2014

Family Day Out: Big Hero 6

We watched Big Hero 6 twice!

First was during the first weekend when the movie was released. M, G and I watched the movie at Greenhills Promenade Dolby Atmos theatre. G loved the movie and had fun watching it thanks to the 360 surround sound of the theatre :)

We ate at CPK so that we can eat G's favorite food... white pasta (read: carbonara) and he also requested to have a cupcake from Sonja's as his dessert.


my favorite: ravioli in cream sauce!

M and G's favorite: carbonara

enjoying his cupcake :)

The week after we watched in Promenade, G and I attended his classmate's 7th birthday party. This was a rather unique party because they rented the Premier Cinema of Shangri-La mall and had a special screening of Big Hero 6.

They served cocktail food first, catered by Spatzle, before we all watched the movie. The food was great, I loved everything that they served!

Before the movie began, they also gave us free water, sodas, and popcorns.Then before we left, they gave all of us Chef Tony's popcorn as a giveaway. G was very happy indeed!

Mango top
Forever 21 shorts
Parfois shoes
Louis Vuitton bag

Lacoste top
Gap pants
Zara shoes

with his classmates

After the movie, G and I went shopping in Shangri-La and Megamall Fashion Hall... more about this in my next post.

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