Monday, October 20, 2014

Republic Wakepark

M brought G and I to Republic Wake Park last month to try out a new sport. At first, G and I didn't want to do it because we weren't interested in trying out wake boarding. We were already happy with our current sports: swimming and tennis. But M insisted and told us that we were going to like it and have fun.

Yes, it is fun alright but the body ache and pain that I had the day after wake boarding was terrible! My whole back and arms were aching for 3 days but it was alright because I quickly learned how to ride the board without falling. G was a fast learner also, he was able to learn without falling on his 3rd try.

Here are some pictures and videos:

Here are some pros and cons of the place:

- near the city
- 2 beginner lakes with platforms on each end of the lake
- reasonably priced food
- big air-conditioned reception area
- there are boards and life jackets for sale
- lots of sizes to choose from for both the jackets and helmets
- if you don't like the food, you can always go to Nuvali
- open during night time (until 10 PM)

- water is super murky (with dead fishes)
- crowded during weekends
- food taste is not superb
- old common shower room
- broken showers
- limited parking space
- some of the life jackets are already broken
- they don't always open both beginner lakes even if there are already lots of people

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