Friday, October 31, 2014

Pradera Wake Park

A week after we had fun wake boarding at Republic Wake Park, we tried out this still relatively new wake park at Pampanga.

Pradera Wake Park, I think, is the newest wake park in Luzon. It is roughly 1.5 hours away from Quezon City. It has 2 beginner lakes, 1 big lake and 1 VIP lake. The place also has lots of rooms/cottages for rent which has its own shower room (unlike in Republic where there is only a common shower room). Each room has 3 beds and can accommodate up to 6 persons.

- newer than republic
- lots of boards to choose from and most of them are still new (unlike in republic where a lot of the boards are in a bad shape already)
- cable operators are nicer
- less people even during weekends
- own bathroom if you rent a room
- rooms are big (has fridge, TV, closet, coffee table and chair and balcony)
- average priced food
- has knee board - free to use
- has ski - free to use
- the guard let me bring my "baon" food inside since we are renting a room

- no night time wake boarding
- closes at 5pm
- food taste is not that great
- very few food choices
- no nearby stores and restaurants
- the side/edges of the lakes have "pebbles" - super sharp edges of the rock that hurts the feet
- weird helmet sizes
- heavy helmet
- big life jackets - goes up to your face when you fall in the water

Below are some pictures that I have taken during the trip plus a not so nice video of me wake boarding (I had lots of successful runs but the only video that M ever took of me was the one where I fell face first!):

So, which one do I prefer? 

Take North Luzon Expressway (NLEX)
Take San Fernando exit (SM Pampanga)
Go straight on the Olongapo-Gapan road (takes about 20-30 mins)
Pradera is on the right side just after the Genesis bus station

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