Friday, October 24, 2014

AGS Fiesta Year 2

It is our second time to attend the annual Ateneo Grade School Fiesta (school fair). I have learned a lot of from last year's event so this time around I planned everything that we will do during the Fiesta.

Last year:
- We had a hard time looking for a parking space because even if we arrived 2 hours before the scheduled activity. 
- The lines for ALL the rides are very long (all under the heat of the sun!)
- I forgot to bring extra shirts for G so he was sweaty all day
- Bottled water and bottled juice are super expensive
- We weren't able to use all the ride tickets because of the very long line, so we had to go back to the fair the following day just to use up all the ride tickets.

This year:
- We were in Ateneo at 6:19 AM and the parking areas are almost full!
- I brought lots of extra shirts for G.
- I brought my own bottled water and bottled juices.
- Since we got to school very early, we were able to enjoy the rides without the very long line and waiting time.
- We were able to use all 12 parlor games and 11 ride tickets in one day!

Here are some pictures during the Fiesta:

Lacoste top
Zara shorts
Aldo sandals

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