Friday, September 19, 2014

Swimwear Shopping

How's everyone? It's been raining hard since last night and a lot of the roads and areas are flooded already. I hope all of you are okay.

Anyway, last week M, G and I shopped for additional swimwear for our supposed wake boarding trip this weekend. However, due to the current weather situation I don't think our trip will push through. We will just re-schedule it sometime in October and hopefully the weather will cooperate.

I know I have already blogged about me hoarding bikinis in Singapore but M advised that I should also get a rash vest/guard to protect me from the dirt and debris during wake boarding. So what I did was to buy a rash vest for me, for M and for G :D 

Yes, I always find a way to satisfy my shopaholic tendencies hahaha!

Here are some of my loots:

Volcom for me

Speedo and quiksilver for G

Speedo for M

After shopping, I let G play a little in Tom's World located at the basement of Megamall. 

Then I brought him to Bruno's barbers to have his haircut and this is what happened when G saw his new look:

That's it!

Stay dry and safe!

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