Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Motorino Pizzeria - Greenbelt 3

This new restaurant at Greenbelt 3 has been getting a lot of buzz for quite some time now and not wanting to be left behind, we (me and my friends) decided to have lunch here to try the dishes.

As soon as I saw the menu I got disappointed because of the very limited choices of food. There was nothing much to choose from for appetizer and main course. Its specialty is the Napoleon pizza but the choices of flavors was so limited we had a very hard time choosing what to order! The wine and beer list is even more extensive than the food menu!

grabbed from Motorino's website

grabbed from Motorino's website

We settled for the roasted chicken and meat pizza (I forgot the name). When the chicken came, we immediately tried it but got super disappointed. It had no taste! I felt like I was eating an unseasoned chicken that was roasted and then doused with olive oil and chili flakes. Super waste of money! 

I was reading an explanation about the Napoleon pizza at the back of the menu before our pizza came. It says there that a true Napoleon pizza should not have a lot of toppings. So when our pizza arrived, they were true to their word... it did not have a lot of toppings! I can literally count all the toppings in our pizza! It was also so small and thin that I can finish the whole pizza pie by myself and it costs Php 495!!!

We got full, alright but we were so disappointed that we vowed never to eat there again! Aside from the very limited menu, the food is expensive and tasteless. Super not worthy!

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