Monday, August 11, 2014

Staycation at Edsa Shangri-La

A week after my Dad's simple birthday celebration at home, we all went to EDSA Shangri-La hotel to stay for the weekend.

We started the celebration by having lunch at Heat right after checking-in our rooms. G didn't want to eat lunch and wanted to go swimming as soon as we got to the hotel. The selection of food was not that abundant compared to Spiral but it was definitely better than Circles but I still prefer Marriott Cafe. They have several cuisines which consists of Chinese, Indian, Italian, Japanese and American. They also have a wide variety of sushis and sashimis and plenty of desserts. I didn't try all of the cuisine, I just got my usual favorites, steak, tempura and seafood plus lots of desserts. Oh, did I mention that they have a taho also? They have this small keg like container where you can get your taho, syrup and sago :)

After having our sumptuous lunch at Heat, we (G, M and I) changed into our swimming attire and went to the hotel poolside while my parents and brother went back to their rooms and slept.

The pool area of EDSA Shang is not that big but they have a nice kiddie play area for kids as well as a big slide for kids 12 years old and below. G had so much fun using the slide and the play area. He even made new friends while swimming and playing. After a while, G got hungry so he ordered a plate of french fries and mango shake from the pool bar. M saw G's mango shake and ordered one for himself too. When the bill came, I didn't check how much the fries and shake costs. I was thinking that it would be expensive but at a still reasonable expensive price. It was only when M's mango shake bill arrived that I was able to check the prices. My gulay! The mango shake was ridiculously expensive! The plate of french fries was expensive but reasonable (Php 210) but the mango shake was super expensive (Php 350). I mean, I am willing to pay them because G loved the food and was able to finish it but still the price of the mango shake was just too much. The 22% tax was not yet even included in the Php 350 price! I have already stayed in Sofitel, Makati Shang, Manila Hotel and other 5 star hotels and I don't recall them having that kind of price for a mango shake.Oh well, nothing I can do about it. At least G loved the food that he ordered.

After swimming for about 4 hours, we went back to our room to take a shower and dress up before going to Shangri-La mall. I love the new building of the mall where they house all of their luxury brands. Do you know that we now have a Givenchy, YSL, Alexander McQueen and several other luxury brands here in Manila? Yes, they are all in Shangri-La mall. The other stores are not yet open but Givenchy and YSL are already open. I love it!!!

Here are some pictures during our stay:
*I was not able to take a picture our our room because it got too messy right after G and M changed into their swimming clothes and I am lazy to fix their stuff :D

Pull & Bear top
Zara shorts
Vince Camuto sandals
Louis Vuitton bag

Insight top
Topshop shorts

The next day, we all had our breakfast at Heat again. I love it! I love breakfast and Heat has a lot of choices of breads, juices, cheese, jams, etc. They still serve sushi and sashimi during breakfast. Of course they have the usual Filipino breakfast too. I can say that the breakfast selection at Heat can be at par to that of Spiral. I was not able to take pictures during breakfast because I was too busy thinking of what to eat first hahaha!

I will definitely go back to have breakfast at Heat since it is nearer my house than Spiral (but the breakfast at Spiral is still the best of them all!).

'Till my next food adventure.

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