Thursday, August 21, 2014

New Favorite Shift Dress

Greetings from the office!

Today is a holiday here in the Philippines and I am here at the office working while most of the people are having a vacation... this is what you call dedication and commitment hahahahaha!

I need to accomplish a lot today so let me just make this a quick outfit post. I just recently bought this shift dress at Zara during its last few days of sale. When I first saw this dress, it was not that attractive as it has no shape or design but since I like the color I decided to try it on. It was a good decision, the dress fits me well and hides all my fats :p It is very comfortable and easy to wear. This is the kind of dress that I would put on when I have nothing to wear or can't decide what to wear or when I feel fat. I also love how it matches my new favorite shoes, also from Zara.

Dress and shoes from Zara
FCUK watch

Back to work for me now. 

Have a great holiday, enjoy the long weekend!

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