Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Gotta Be Hip

Several typhoons have passed just for the month of July. I took that opportunity to wear my fall/winter clothes in the office :)

Here's one of my rainy day attire though I would probably still wear this even if it is not raining :D

Zara top
Zara jeans
Call It Spring boots
Forever 21 leather bracelet

How's your week so far? Since last week, I have been going to the office very early to avoid the super heavy traffic at EDSA during weekdays. But even if I leave the house very early there are already a lot of cars on the road and parts of EDSA are already traffic! EDSA traffic at 5:45 am! Only in the Philippines! I think there would come a time that I need to leave the house at 5 am just to avoid the traffic. I am wasting half of my life to nonsense traffic and it is all just because of the stupid public buses.


Ok, I need to relax and not be stressed out this early. It is just Tuesday and I still have a lot of things to finish at work. 

Have a great day ahead!

Hope I can have time to blog again tomorrow :)

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