Friday, August 08, 2014

Bonding Time

I love spending time with G!

A couple of weeks ago, we went to Trinoma with no agenda in mind. I just wanted to go to the mall to shop a little, eat and play in Timezone with him. I was also there to meet up some of my buyers and use the money to have fun and loads of tickets in Timezone :)

We went to the mall very early, a few minutes after it opened since I don't like spending too much time in traffic and looking for a parking space. Our first stop was Zara, the Zara sale was still on going so I was able to find a few pieces that I like that were super discounted already. Next stop, Promod. I wanted to buy a skirt, sandals and a top but decided not to buy them anymore since I had been buying from Zara since the sale started.

We then had our lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. G's wanted to eat one of his favorite food, carbonara, which he calls "white pasta". There were 3 of us (G, me and my mom) so we just ordered 3 small dishes that is good enough for all of us. We don't want to have any leftovers since nobody eats them at home. We had the spaghetti carbonara, mushroom ravioli and caesar salad. The servings were just enough for us to finish without any leftovers, yey!

Afterwhich, I met up with my buyers already and then used the money to play in Timezone. G had lots of fun playing and winning tickets. We were able to win more than 300 tickets which brings our total number of tickets to 3400+ :)

Our last stop was at the grocery. We just bought a few items at the supermarket before calling it a day and heading home.

Here are some pictures during that day:

Cache Cache top
Forever 21 shorts
Aldo sandals
Gucci bag

H&M shirt
Lacoste pants
Zara shoes

all gone!


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