Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pink & Pink

Two shades of pink to start and end my work week:

Forever 21 top
Bazaar skirt
Steve Madden shoes

Zara top
Forever 21 skirt
Aldo shoes

Here's a story:

G was required by his teacher to attend a mass every Sunday. Ever since, he has been bugging me to bring him to church. So while we were staycationing in Edsa Shangri-La (more on that soon), I decided to bring him to the anticipated mass held at the mall lobby. The mass has just started so we were able to listen to the 1st and 2nd reading plus the homily. 

During the homily of the priest, he was discussing on how people should give more time to attend mass and listen to the word of God. His lecture/homily was something like this (in Tagalog), "Ang mga tao laging naiinip sa misa. Lagi nalang 'sana matapos na ang misa para maka dinner na kami' o di kaya 'sana matapos na misa para maka mall na kami'. Dapat baliktad, dapat mas may panahon para sa Diyos tulad ng 'sana matapos agad kami magmall para makapunta sa misa'. I was about to explain to G what the priest has just said when G suddenly turned to me and said, "what's taking him so long? He keeps on talking and talking! He's never gonna end. I want to go now!".  Good thing I was able to convince G to stay longer and finish the homily, I just explained to him what the homily was about so that he know what to tell his teacher when he goes back to school. :)

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