Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Busy Day

It was a Friday and I was on leave. 

Our (G and I) day started at Ateneo where I had to attend the 1st PTC of this school year. I waited for 1.5 hours before I got to talk to G's teacher. It only took me 10 minutes to talk to the teacher (unlike the other inconsiderate parents who goes way beyond the allotted time!).

Next stop was at Toyota Pasig where we had to submit some documents and get a plate with the conduction number on it. This took quite a while because there are a lot of people inquiring/buying in that branch. While waiting for the agent, G and I grabbed some snacks first at their mini cafeteria at the 2nd floor.

Then we headed straight to Shangri-La mall to do some shopping and buy some groceries. I was supposed to buy a cute crop top for me and new loafers for G but decided not to buy any to commit to my promise of saving up :) We browsed around a little more before eating dinner. Our last stop was the grocery, the mall is about to close when we finally finished paying for our items, so we headed straight home right after that :)

It was busy day for us but I still wasn't able to go to all the places that I needed to go because most of our time was wasted in heavy metro traffic!

Anyway, here are some pics during that day:

Top from H&M
Shorts and belt from Forever 21
Bag from Louis Vuitton

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