Thursday, July 31, 2014

As Cute As A Button Party

A couple of Saturdays ago, we (the whole fam) attended the 1st birthday party of my niece. It was a simple celebration and gathering of family and friends. 

The program was just quick and simple, letting the guests eat, a few games c/o the clowns and the blowing of the birthday cake. Since there were only a few kids present during the party, the prizes were just enough for every kid who participated in the games.

G is already big enough to enjoy kiddie birthday parties. He joins all the games and is very competitive (we raised him well, hahaha!). He always wants to win in each of the games. He has mastered the "bring me" game already but he knows there are 2 "bring me" that he will never win: 1) bring a sexy/beautiful/singing/dancing mommy and 2) bring a handsome/macho/singing/dancing daddy. Hahahaha!
Even if we are competitive people, we would never join that game and embarrass ourselves!

Here are some photos taken during the party:
Zara top
Forever 21 shorts
Vince Camuto sandals
Charriol watch
Louis Vuitton bag

Cutie centerpeice

All sweaty after playing with his cousins
Lacoste shirt
H&M shorts
Zara loafers

with his cousin

with his cousin
good genes runs in the family, eh? :)

I love kiddie parties, I hope I can attend a lot more while G is still young :)

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