Friday, June 06, 2014

The Grove - Rockwell Food Truck Bazaar

We (my mom and I) have been wanting to try out the food truck bazaar at Capitol Commons for the longest time. Unfortunately, when we went to Capitol Commons a few weeks back, we found out that they have already moved to The Grove, Rockwell and Marikina.

Since, it was easier for us to go to The Grove, we decided to go there one Saturday night to check out the different food trucks available. We arrived there between 7 - 8 pm and looking for a parking slot was difficult. There was not much people there but all the available sidewalk and parking slots were occupied! Also, there were only around 4-5 food trucks there plus around 8 other stalls that sells drinks and other food products. We were a bit disappointed that there weren't enough food trucks and food to choose from so we just settled with the Philly cheesesteak (which we have tried already before), barbeque and chichapork. We spent around 800 pesos just for the food! The philly cheesesteak was expensive but good, the barbeque was good also plus the price was reasonable, it was the chichapork that was expensive and did not taste good... waste of money :(

We hurriedly ate our food because the place has lots of mosquitos! We just sat there for a little more than an hour and our legs and arms (even my face!) got lots of mosquito bites already!

pretending to be a grocery cashier

getting tired

We might still try the food trucks at Marikina but I don't think we will go back at The Grove food truck bazaar.

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