Wednesday, June 11, 2014

G's Birthday Party - Supplier's Review - Part 2

Photographer & Videographer: John Aguas
Value: 12.5K
Rating: 3.5 stars

John was recommended by Jhoanne of Polkadots. M and I were eyeing shutter count as the official photographer for the event however, they were a bit difficult to contact. We kept on calling their landline (they have no mobile number) but they don't pick up the phone. We finally gave up on shutter count about a month before the event. I asked Jhoanne if she could recommend any good but affordable photographers and she gave me 2 choices, one of them was John Aguas. M decided that we should get John based on the price and the package.

Package availed:
Photo and Video services
 - 2 persons covering the 3-hour event
 - DVD of all photos sent after 1-2 weeks
 - DVD of raw and edited video after 3 months

John and his partner came early so we were able to get hold a pictorial outside the venue before the party started. John welcomed all of my suggestions (like taking pictures of the food cart, details of the balloon setup, etc.) without any hesitations. They were able to capture G's happy moments during the party. They were very professional though a bit shy when I told them that they could also eat while the guests were eating and that they could get their food from the buffet table.

It was also good to know that my John is a good from of my SIL and her husband... small world. This gave me some assurance that John is good in his profession.

Why only 3.5 stars? John and partner were not able to take a picture of all the guests. Since I was busy minding the party, I forgot to tell them to take a picture of every guest table. They weren't able to suggest that we table hop to be able to take a picture of all the guests who attended. We also don't have a picture of my side of the family :(. He failed to suggest and gather around my family and extended family for a group picture.

John Aguas (c/o Jhoanne of Polkadots)

Food Cart: Potato Corner
Value: 5500
Rating: 3.5 stars

Potato corner is one of my favorite food! I know that a lot of people likes potato corner that's why I got them as one of the food carts for G's birthday. I got the package that is good for 100 persons and it was sold out almost immediately. Booking them was breeze since Jhoanne of Polkadots was the one who handled it.

The reason I gave them 3.5 stars only is because they arrived 5 minutes before my booked party time! 5 minutes is not enough for them to set up their food cart! Almost all of the guests were already at the party venue when the crew of potato corner arrived.

Will I recommend them? Definitely but better to make sure that they will arrive early.

Potato Corner c/o Jhoanne of Polkadots

Food Cart: Precious Party Needs
Value: 2700 (Promo)
Rating: 5 stars

This was a steal... super affordable! I got 2 food carts (snow cone and waffle dog) good for 100 persons each (good for 4 hours) for only 2700 pesos! Dianne of Precious Party Needs may not always reply immediately but is very easy to talk to. 

Her crew arrived early, as in super early, around 11-11:30 am even if my booked party time is 2-6 pm. The 2 gents that she assigned to my party are very nice and courteous. The food was also great and not "tipid". Almost all of the guests were able to taste the waffle dog and snow cone.

Would I recommend Precious party needs? Yes, though I am not sure if the other food carts that she offers taste good but money wise, Precious party needs is definitely recommended.

Precious Party Needs
904-0672 / 0916-4332385

Face Painter: Party-cles
Value: 1800 (Promo)
Rating: 5 stars

I was able to avail a promo for the face painter from Party-cles. 3 hour face painting for only 1800 pesos. Super cheap! Party-cles sent Hero Ebuenga as the face painter for my party. He arrived 20 minutes for the party and was quickly able to set up his equipments.

At first, there were just a few kids who wanted to get their hand or face painted on but after a while, the kids are already forming a line just to get their arms painted.

I am not sure if the other face painter artists from Party-cles are also good but in any case that you will avail their face painting service, maybe you can request for Hero :)

907-3085 / 500-3659 /


  1. Hi sis! May I know where's your venue? Thanks

    1. Venue is at Valle Verde 6 Clubhouse