Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hong Kong Trip - March 2014 - Day 5 (Macau)

Last day of our vacation :(

Last day in Macau was spent buying souvenirs from the Venetian boutique. We had a quick brunch first at one of the chinese restaurants of the hotel. Me and my MIL was able to save money for brunch by using the points that she got from the casino :D. After our meal, we went to the boutique already to buy some souvenirs before checking out of the hotel. I was able to buy a beach/travel bag for me and matching shirts for G and M. My MIL opted for the express check out (just fill out the form and drop the form together with the hotel key card at the front desk/reception area) since everything was already paid before we even got to Macau.

We rode the free shuttle bus of The Venetian Hotel going to the airport. It only took us 5 minutes to reach the airport from the hotel so we had a lot of time to spend in the airport while waiting for our flight.

There aren't much stores inside the Macau International Airport but I like the fact that they have 2 charging stations which can accommodate different brands of gadgets. Plus, the airport has free wifi :)

'Till my next adventure!

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