Monday, May 19, 2014

Hong Kong Trip - March 2014 - Day 4 (Macau)

Days 4 and 5 of our trip were spent in Macau. We rode the ferry from TST going to Macau and we almost got left behind by the ferry! 


You see, we got to the ferry station around 10 am and bought tickets for the 11 am trip. We went in line for the immigration right after buying tickets. However, the immigration windows did not open until 10:30 am and there were lots and lots of people who were going to ride the 11 am trip ( I would say about a hundred!). My MIL did not let people cut the line in front of her so she was able to finish the immigration check quickly but my FIL allowed a whole family to cut the line so we were the last ones to go to the immigration window! After the checking at the immigration we were running already with all our bags because there were doing their last call already! Waaaaah!!! Good thing we got to the ferry just in time... meaning they removed the platforms and closed the doors right after we boarded!

The trip took about an hour. When we arrived at Macau, the line going to the immigration windows were much organized and people were not cutting lines. There were free shuttles going to almost all hotels so no need to get a taxi.

We stayed at The Venetian Hotel (thanks MIL!) and G loved the place. We went to St. Paul's Ruins right after checking in at the hotel. We just took some pictures, walked around a bit and bought some egg tart then we headed back to the hotel. Me, G and my MIL checked out the different shops while my FIL went straight to the casino :)


After browsing the shops at The Venetian and Conrad hotel, my MIL went to the casino also while me and G shopped at Pull & Bear for M's clothes.

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