Monday, April 07, 2014

No More Nanny... Again

No more nanny again.

I have already posted here before that we let G's nanny go a few months ago. My MIL sent us another nanny for G. At first we thought she was ok and can be taught how to do the chores and how to take care of G. Then my mom started discovering her lies.

Here are some of what she did:
1. She told my mom that she is from Litex area. But she told my dad that she is from Cebu and it is her first time in Manila.
2. She ate my dad's food (shrimp) that was in the fridge and she even left the empty pot inside the fridge!
3. She was stealing our cans of coke and drinking it inside the maid's room... how did we find out? My mom went inside the maid's room and found several empty cans of coke.
4. She watches TV 24/7. There was a time that G cannot sleep because he can hear the sounds of the TV coming from the maid's room.
5. She is not satisfied with just 1 viand, she wants at least 2 kinds.
6. She is not taking care of G. She is supposed to prepare his food, bathe him, give him his medicines, wash his clothes and watch over him but she does NONE of that.
7. She observes us a lot... take this for example: she is outside the house and she keeps on peeping inside the house, as if checking if somebody/nobody is there.
8. She almost ate all of the canned goods that was in our kitchen outside.
9. She ate G's leftover SPAM that is sitting in the fridge.
11. She ate a whole pack of pandesal (9 pcs) in 1 sitting (breakfast only).
10. She peed on the floor outside the maid's room because she is too lazy to go to the bathroom. Then she covered it up with the empty balikbayan boxes.
12. Lastly, and this is what caused her early demise, she wrote (using her finger) her name on the body of our car... not just once BUT TWICE!

Good riddance!

Why is it so hard to find a good nanny? This is getting frustrating!

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