Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hong Kong Trip Shopping Finds

I was on a "tipid mode" during my HK trip so I stopped myself from buying a lot of stuff for me. Instead, I shopped for M (he had a list of items that he wanted me to buy for him) since he is going to pay me whatever I buy for him hahahaha!

HK is really a haven for shopaholics like me. There are shopping malls, boutiques and luxury stores every where you look. I felt like a giddy child when I saw all the stores near our hotel (within walking distance). More about my Hong Kong trip in another post. For now, let me show you what I was able to score in Hong Kong and Macau :)

I was able to fit all of them in one bag! Hooray for being a good packer!

For M:

For G:

This was bought by my MIL for G. Thank you!

For Me:

For the three of us (bought at The Venetian Hotel boutique):

a beach/travel bag for me
red venetian shirt for M
blue venetian shirt for G

I would definitely go back to Hong Kong!

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