Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hong Kong Trip - March 2014 - Day 3

Free day!

Day 3 was spent visiting my office in HK and shopping. There are not much pictures for this day because we were busy visiting malls hahaha!

The day started by taking the MTR for the first time. We took the MTR from Tsim Sha Tsui station going to Central station. Upon reaching Central station, we started to look for IFC mall. Once inside the mall, we parted ways already. G and I went up to my office to meet my HK office mates while my in-laws roamed around the mall.

I just dropped by my office to give them goodies from Manila and to meet the other members of the team. We took some pictures before leaving and heading back to the mall.

I wasn't able to check out the whole IFC mall because my FIL wanted to go back to the hotel already while me MIL wanted to go the Citygate outlets. So after teaching my FIL how to go back to the hotel using the MTR, me together with G and my MIL went to Citygate outlets.

Citygate outlets is quite big but the prices of most of the items are still a bit expensive. Patience is a must in browsing through all the stuff to be able to find a cheap item to buy. We weren't able to buy that much, I just bought a summer dress from Roxy and pants from AX while my MIL bought some massage sandals.

On our way back to the hotel, I decided to go back to Central to check out the H&M store there to buy the rest of the item in M's shopping list. The rest of the family went straight back to the hotel.

When I reached Central station, I started to look for the H&M store but after walking up and down the street twice, I still can't find. I asked one of the people walking and to my dismay, the H&M store closed down a few months ago! What a waste of my 30 minutes! I just went to H&M in Kowloon instead but I wasn't able to buy much there so I went to Mongkok right after. There were a lot of people in H&M Mongkok and the clothes were all over the place. Still, like a true shopaholic I started to look for the items in M's shopping list and luckily I found them inside the Men's fitting room hahahaha! Nobody stopped me from going inside LOL! After raiding the men's fitting room in H&M Mongkok,  I went to the gap store right across it and bought G some jeans before grabbing some dinner. 

After the very exhausting shopping trip, I finally decided to go back to the hotel to rest. I feel so accomplished that I was able to buy most of the stuff in M's shopping list... I think I am proving myself to be a really great shopper hahahaha!

Directions on how to go to IFC and Citygate outlets:
IFC mall:

From TST station: ride the red line going to Central station. Take exit F (Hong Kong station). Right above the Hong Kong station is the IFC mall.

Citygate outlets:

From TST station: take the red line going to Tsuen Wan. Go down at Lai King station and ride the yellow line going to Tung Chung. Take exit C. Citygate outlets is right above the station.

From Hong Kong/Central station: take the train at Hong Kong station. Ride the yellow line going to Tung Chung. Take exit C. Citygate outlets is right above the station.

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