Friday, April 18, 2014

Hong Kong Trip - March 2014 - Day 1

Business is good so my in-laws were able to treat G and I to Hong Kong! I am so grateful and thankful to have super loving and generous in-laws <3

Life is good!

We were in Hong Kong for 3.5 days and 1.5 days in Macau. Day 1 of our trip started early in the morning at the airport :) We arrived in Hong Kong around 10 am and went straight to the hotel via taxi. We weren't able to check-in our hotel room right away because it was still early (check-in time is 2 or 3 pm) and the room was not yet available so we decided to just leave our bags at the concierge and go to Disneyland already.

I wasn't expecting much from HK Disneyland because a lot of people have already told me that it is just small but G loved it anyway. There were just a few - like 3 to 4 - rides in every area/station and we were able to go around the park in a matter of hours (we were there around 2 pm, we finished around 8 pm and just waited for the fireworks) considering that it was a Saturday and a lot of the rides had a 15 - 30 minutes wait time.

We took a taxi from our hotel in Kowloon to Disneyland because it is faster but costs more (around 250 HKD). A cheaper mode of transportation is the train, you just have to transfer trains 3 times and walk a bit to reach the park. From our hotel near Tsim Sha Tsui station, we have to take the red train going to Tsuen Wan. Go down at Lai King station and transfer to a yellow train going to Tung Chung. Stop at Sunny bay station and ride the Disneyland Resort line (pink) and then go down at Disneyland Resort station. Travel time is around 38 - 40 mins and costs per adult is 20.5 HKD and 10 HKD for a child.

HK Disneyland Ticket rates:
Adult (12 - 64 yo) : 450 HKD
Child (3 - 11 yo) :  320 HKD
Senior (65 and up): 100 HKD

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