Wednesday, April 16, 2014

G's Birthday Party - Supplier's Review - Part 1

Venue: Valle Verde 6 Clubhouse
Value: 19k
Rating: 5 stars

Valle Verde 6 was perfect for our party. It was affordable, very spacious, lots of parking spaces for the guests, has a big outdoor playground and the staff in the administration office were very easy to talk to. I booked the venue 6-7 months before the event. I have a friend who lives in VV6 so it was kind of easy for me to get a sponsorship. I paid the booking fee in full 2 weeks after my initial pencil booking.

The venue is good for 250-300 people but I only invited 130 people so there was enough room for the food carts, buffet table, face painter and for the kids to roam around. The place has glass walls and doors so lighting was not a problem, it also has around 4 air conditioning unit that was turned on 30 minutes before the time of the event. We didn't have a problem with the coldness of the place, in fact I think it was pretty cold inside the venue. Parking was very convenient because they have 2 parking areas which can hold up to 10 cars each.

They also allow cooking inside the venue which was a plus for me since I have a potato corner food cart. Another plus factor is that they only allow 1 booking/event per day so the ingress can start as early as 4 hours before the event and they gave us 2 hours for egress and 1 hour of clean up. The rental of the venue is good for 4 hours which is good for the price we paid (we inquired at Ayala Heights - 35k for 3 hours!).

All in all, I can't seem to think of any negative things to say about VV6... so, I'm giving it 5 stars.

Valle Verde 6 Clubhouse

Caterer: Anna's Catering
Value: Depends on the menu (ours was around 50K+)
Rating: 5 stars

We have been getting Anna's Catering since God knows when (since the 90's!). They have been our go-to caterer whenever we have a simple or a grand event. What do we like about Anna's catering so much that we always get them? Value for money!

The food is always great, even if we try out something new in their menu, it would always taste good. You also don't have to worry if there would be enough food to feed your guests, they always serve a lot. Imagine ordering for 100 people, what people would normally do is order for 120 pax just to be sure but with Anna's if we are ordering for 100 people, we just order for 80 pax because for sure it can feed up to 100 people. Can you just imagine how much left overs we had during G's birthday party? I was expecting around 147 guests so I ordered for 130 pax. My goodness, the food brought by Anna's could feed 200 people! I even let ALL the crew eat from the buffet instead of serving them with crew meal! They setup 2 buffet table with big chafing dishes full of food!

Let's talk about the waiters. Glenn has been a loyal waiter to us since the 90's so he already knows what we like and how we like to be treated/served. He is also very attentive to our needs and to our guests needs. He even spruced up the cake table to add some effect/drama. The rest of the waiters are also good, they are not lazy and just stand up in one corner. They roam around serving drinks, refilling water, cleaning up tables, etc. I also believe that they are very honest because we have never lost anything - even food - whenever we have a party and just leave our stuff lying around the tables.

The most important aspect that I like about Anna's is that they don't have waiters giving out/serving food in the buffet table! Ugh! I hate that! It makes people look like they are lining up in some refugee camp. With Anna's, the guests have the freedom to get their own food, so they can choose which food they want or how much they want.

Anna's Catering

Decorator: JD's Party Shop
Value: 15k
Rating: 4 stars

I wanted to get either Polkadots or Kidstar Kastle because their work were superb (based on the pictures and feedbacks from forums) however they were waaaay beyond our working budget and we needed A LOT of balloons to decorate VV6. I think I contacted around 10 balloon decorators before I settled with JD's Party shop.

Jesslyn, the owner, was quick to reply to my email and sms queries and was also very easy to talk to. She did not turn down all my requests and she also gave some suggestions on the decorations. She also provided in our contract pictures of what will be the actual outcome of the balloons which gave me a better idea on how the balloon decor will turn out. She even included a free bounce/inflatable in my package for free (free - if you reach their minimum amount) which the kids loved!

They arrived early at the clubhouse to set up the balloon decorations and the back drop. They also waited for the event to finish so they could remove the backdrop and the ceiling decorations. They did not even ask for a crew meal even though they were there from 10:30 am until 6:30 pm (I did tell them to get some food from the buffet table when the party was about to finish).

Included in the package that I got are 500 pcs of balloons for the ceiling decoration (combination of balloon drops and clusters), 10 table centerpieces with mylars, a small cake arch, 2 balloon pillars with mylars, backdrop rental, welcome signage rental, balloon burst and a free bounce/inflatable. I thought having 500pcs of balloons would be enough, I should have ordered around 1000 pcs. of balloons for better ceiling coverage.

I only gave them 4 stars because the backdrop was a bit small for a large venue like VV6.

JD's Party Shop


Magician: Wizzo
Value: 12k
Rating: 4 stars

I don't know much about magicians so I relied on the recommended magicians in the forum that I was reading before. I listed down the magicians that were affordable and had good reviews. Wizzo was one of them. I booked Wizzo thru Jhoanne of Polkadots (more on her later) and the transaction was a breeze. I did not have any problems booking Wizzo.

On the day of the event, Wizzo arrived around 15-30 minutes before the event time booked for him (I booked him for 3-6 pm). He and his team immediately started setting up their props, sound system, etc. I actually didn't notice him arriving and setting up. M just told me that the magician is already near the stage preparing the stuff needed for his performance.

He had 2 costume changes. He wore his first costume (cars theme) while doing some ice breakers, games and balloon twisting. He then wore his magician costume when he as about to perform his magic tricks and ventriloquism.

He speaks english very well. It was an important factor for M and I when we were choosing magicians. We needed someone who has a good command of the english language because most of G's classmates from ADMU does not speak and understand Filipino/Tagalog that much. Also, we don't want our guests to be poking fun of the magicians use the english language (I know I'm not very good at it but at least our magician is hahaha!).

Wizzo is good at getting the kids' attention. He was able to round up all the rowdy kids in front of the stage to join the games. He was also able to get some of the adults to join the games too! Both the kids and the adults loved the magic and puppet show.

I can say that the amount we paid for his services were worth it.

(thru Jhoanna of Polkadots)


  1. The party venue is beautiful. The theme is really perfect for kids party! :)

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  2. Good day mam.. we badly need a sponsor in valle verde 6.. hope you can refer us to your friend.. thanks..

  3. Good day mam.. we badly need a sponsor in valle verde 6.. hope you can refer us to your friend.. thanks..

  4. Hi po. Just want to ask if you can refer us to your friend who lives in VV6? We just want to have a sponsor so we can book for the venue for my baby's 1st birthday. Hope you can help us:)

    Hope to hear from you soon. Here's my email:

    Thank you and God bless:)

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