Tuesday, April 01, 2014

DFA Megamall Experience

I have never tried renewing or getting a passport at any of the satellite DFA offices. This is my first time at DFA Megamall and I am not that familiar with the process and setup of the place (although the process is the same as the one in Aseana).

I had to rush the passport renewal of G because of the 6 month validity rule of our immigration (our HK trip was last March 22 and his passport was valid for less than 6 months by the time of our trip). Because Megamall had the earliest available schedule - actually, the Alabang branch had the earliest but it is too far from our place - I booked G's passport renewal appointment at Megamall.

Booking an appointment can be done online or via phone, I did mine online. First step you need to do is visit the website of the satellite office that you want (i.e. http://megamall.passport.com.ph/set-appointment) fill up the form then choose your schedule. I got the Saturday 11 am schedule (Saturday schedules are considered as RUSH).

We went to Megamall early so that we can finish the application quickly. G's schedule was at 11 am and we were already at Megamall at 10 am. We got to the DFA office around 10:10 am and there were a lot of people inside already (the queue number that we got was 42).

Here are the steps in renewing/getting a passport at DFA Megamall:

1. Book an appointment online (http://megamall.passport.com.ph/set-appointment)
2. Go to your appointment date and time.
3. Upon reaching the DFA office, proceed to Step A: verification of application.
4. Once cleared from Step A, go to the computer just beside the desk and get your queue number:
   * Make sure you click on the correct application (renewal, new, senior, etc.).
5. Proceed to the waiting area of Step B: processing of application
   * You may want to photocopy the needed documents while waiting for your number to be called
6. After your application has been processed at Step B, proceed to Step C: Cashier
   *This is located at the hallway. If you are facing the processing windows, the hallway is on your left.
   *Php 950 for regular processing and Php 1200 for rush processing (since I wanted G's passport to be released immediately and because Saturday applications are considered as rush, I paid Php 1200)
7. Proceed to Step D: Biometrics and Photo taking.
   *Using the same queue number, wait for your number to be called.
8. Optional: Step E: Payment of courier
   * I did not pay for the passport of G to be delivered because it will take another 2 days before the passport can be delivered at home. I opted to pick up the passport at the DFA Megamall office - more on that below.

All in all, the process took about an hour to an hour and a half. Quite fast but not as fast as when I had my passport renewed at their Aseana office - it only took me 45 mins for the whole process.

Now, let's talk about the releasing of the passports. 

I opted for the rush processing. I also informed the person I talked to at Step B that I needed the passport ASAP because we are going on an out of the country trip on the 22nd of March. The original release date of G's passport was March 19. I called their office several days before the release date just to check if it has been delivered already and ready for pick-up. On the day of the release, I went to DFA Megamall around 12 noon (yes, that was my lunch break... I wasn't able to eat a decent lunch because of this!). It took 30 minutes before they called G's name just to inform me that the passport isn't with them yet! I was ready to explode and shout at the person who informed me about the delay. Good thing that he continued on and said that the passport has already been printed and will delivered to their office around 6-8 pm that day. I can either wait for it or come back the next day to pick up the passport.

Because I was already angry over the fact that I paid for a rush service and they weren't able to deliver on their promised date (rush service = 7 working days), I reiterated to the person in the releasing area that I need the passport ASAP that's why I opted for the rush payment. I told him about 5 times that we have a flight to HK on the 22nd of March and he better make sure that when I come back the next day the passport should be ready. I also asked for his name... just in case. I think he got a bit scared of me because instead of giving me his name, he got a bit defensive and said that he is just a reliever and that his boss inside the office is the one calling the shots.

Anyway, good thing that they weren't lying and G got his passport the next day... still, a happy ending :)

Here's our outfit on that day:
Top from Lacoste
Shorts from Cotton On
Shoes from Zara

With his "girlfriend"

Top from Lacoste
Pants from Armani Exchange
Belt from Stardivarius
Bag from Louis Vuitton

Some tips:
1. If you have an urgent trip and is not sure whether the passport will be released on time, inform the person at Step B. By doing this, they will not cancel the current passport until the new one is released.
2. Call them from time to time to know if the passport is ready for pick-up already - let them know that you need it asap.
3. Pay the extra fee for the rush processing (yes, even though mine was released a day after the said release date). Rush is prioritized than regular processing - I know this because there were a lot of people who were asked to come back after 3 days to a week to claim their passports.
4. If you can't get through the 2 numbers given together with your claim receipt, send me a message and I can give you another number which you can call.


  1. Hi, I need my passport as well ASAP and Im worried I may not be able to get it in time for my June 1 flight. Can your contact help me? I applied for my passport at DFA Alabang. Thank you

    1. Hi, I don't have any contact at DFA.

      What I did before was to call the Megamall office everyday to follow up on my passport and remind them about my flight.

      When is the release date of your passport?

      Also, 2 of my friends had their passport renewal at DFA Alabang and they got theirs on time.

  2. Hi! I have a quick question. Can I pick up my passport on a Saturday?
    Thanks. ((:

    1. Yes! They are open during Saturdays. Just go straight to the releasing section to get your passport.

  3. I need our passport immediately.. How can i contact dfa megamall.. Pls. Help

    1. Hi, try to call this number and ask for the status of your passport:
      Dfa megamall office

  4. hi i'll try to call that number tom. hope this will work.. by the way.. thank u so much for ur response..

  5. Can i call them on saturdays? And what are the other contact numbers to call to?thanks

    1. Yes you can call them on Saturdays. They are open every Saturday however, that's the only number that I know that works. The others just keeps on ringing but nobody answers the phone.

  6. Hi, May i ask for the contact number? have sent two email messages requesting for status of release but haven't received any feedback to date. passport release date is from jan 13-20 2015. I also tried sending sms to 09222932761, the mobile number indicated on the sheet attached to my receipt but to no avail.
    Appreciate your help. thanks.

    1. Try to call this number: 2342478

      That's the only working number that I know from DFA Megamall when I had the passport renewal. All of the numbers attached to the receipt does not work.

      If the release date of your passport is Jan 13-20, it should be available by now but better to call them first before going so as not to waste your time and effort.

  7. That was quite rude of you, you might have paid an additional fee to get your passports earlier but it was also your fault that you booked a flight without even completing the most basic requirement for every overseas travel, and that is your passport.