Friday, March 07, 2014

Elevator Selfie I

These are the times when I have to rush my outfit shots or when I forget to remind my friend Y to take my picture.

It's a bit of a long trek from the lobby all the way to my office floor so I have several seconds to take a selfie inside the elevator :)

Dress: Ever New
Shoes: Michael Kors

Anyhow, tomorrow will by my first time to try the services of DFA in Megamall. My MIL will be treating G to an unexpected trip :)

G is very excited however, we need to rush his passport renewal because the validity of his passport is less than 6 months on the day of the travel. So, we are going to DFA Megamall tomorrow to have his passport renewed via rush processing (7 working days). I'm hoping that everything goes well and that the service in Megamall will be as quick and efficient as the one in Aseana.

Wish us luck (or else, all hell breaks loose!)

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