Thursday, March 06, 2014

Bali, Indonesia Trip - January 2014 - Day 3

Fun Yacht Day! 

This is the day that we get to enjoy riding a yacht. It costs 80 USD per person which includes the following: pick up to and from hotel, snacks and lunch at the yacht, water sports or activities and free lounging or stay at their partner resort.

At first we thought that the we had the whole yacht for ourselves but was told by the shuttle driver that there will be 80 of us there! Then I saw the yacht, I got disappointed. It was big, alright but it was old already. And then it started to move, my gosh! I felt like throwing up, it was a rough ride (too wavy). I drank some medicine that they are giving away and then went to sleep so that I won't feel the waves too much. After a while, the yacht stopped and it was already our time to swim or do some water sports. Before swimming in the sea/ocean, I waited for my friends A1 and A2. They don't feel too good because of the boat ride. We then went on to swim in the cold water before transferring to the jacuzzi where our other 2 friends are. We took a lot of pictures in the jacuzzi :) Before eating lunch, we rode their banana boat. I don't know if they are not allowed to go super fast because that banana boat ride was the slowest I've ever riden!

Lunch was okay, the crew served grilled chicken barbecue/satay, grilled fish with some spices, chopsuey like vegetables, french fries (which I loved haha!), fried noodles, rice, fruits, salad and bread. I was able to satisfy my hunger with the grilled chicken satay/barbeque, rice, fruits and french fries.

After lunch, we visited the partner resort of the yacht. It was not nice, there was nothing spectacular about it. Just a small pool with a bar, to go to the small beach, we had to make a 5 minute walk. We took more pictures at the beach before going back to the yacht. 

Before heading back to the hotel, we asked the shuttle driver to drop us off at the outlet stores. The clothes and beachwear there are super cheap compared to the ones that they sell in the malls! I bought shirts and shorts for G and M and bikinis for me (my Bali shopping finds). We went back to the hotel to freshen up and then went to Beachwalk to shop some more and grab dinner there. My friends was able to eat something at the food court while I just shopped because the mall is about to close hahaha! I just asked them to go with me to the nearest McDonald's so that I can eat my dinner before we go back to the hotel.

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