Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Let It Go: Nanny Version

You know it's time to let the nanny go when she breaks house rule number one: use our stuff without our permission.

There were several factors that made us consider to let go of the nanny (click here for the related story) but we were still contemplating on whether to let her go or not. But because she broke the number one house rule, we can no longer trust her so we fired her yesterday.

If you are wondering what she did, ginagamit niya lang naman ang ipad ni G (she uses G's ipad) whenever we are not in the house! Come to think of it, she actually broke 2 house rules at the same time. One, she went inside the house without any business there when we weren't around. Two, she uses G's ipad without our permission... she even connects to her facebook using G's ipad and our wifi! And then we also found out from our other house help that even if we lock our doors, the nanny looks for the keys, opens the door, looks for G's ipad, stays inside the house and plays with the ipad! Nakakapaginit ng ulo! (She pisses me off big time!).

I told M that we need to fire the nanny because she cannot be trusted and there may come a time that she might steal from us. Also, she is of no use in the house because she is super lazy. Imagine, M and I left the house at 6:30 am and she isn't awake yet, only to find out that she woke up past 8:00 am already! At night, she finishes all the telenovelas first before giving G a bath.

She is not very clean too, G might get sick because of her. She doesn't wash her hands often and there was a time that my mom caught her feeding G without washing her hands after cleaning our driveway! Yuck!

Speaking of yucky, I mentioned in my previous post that she has head lice, right? So we gave her a shampoo to get rid of it BUT SHE DID NOT USE IT! How did we find out that she did not use the shampoo? Because when my mom went inside the maid's quarters, she saw that there are a lot of squished/squashed head lice underneath the radio and the bed! OMG! YUCKINESS TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL!

Sigh, why is it so hard to find a nanny? The good ones that we had before are always getting pirated by other people, damn it!

I hope the next nanny that we get will be a clean and good one and that she can stay for a long time...

PS: G can understand Filipino already but it is still funny whenever he butts in our conversation:

Me: M paalisin na natin si nanny kasi ang tamad na nga, ang baboy pa at intrimitida! (M, we need to fire the nanny because she is lazy and dirty) *sorry, i don't know the english translation of intrimitida. hahaha!

M: E paano si G, sino magaasikaso sa kanya? (Who will take care of G)

Me: Hahanap nalang tayo ng iba, yung walang kuto at sumusunod sa utos. (We'll just look for another one, the one that doesn't have head lice and listens to us)

M: Wag kaya muna natin paalisin, kasi walang kapalit pa. (She doesn't have a substitute yet, let's not fire her yet)

G: I agree with Mom, let's let Ate go because she is super lazy! She just eats and sleeps all day!

Me and M: Hahahahaha! Did you understand what we're talking about? Uy, nakakaintindi na siya ng Filipino hehehe. (He can understand Filipino)


Extra: Last week's outfit

Top & Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Nine West

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