Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Common Sense Is Not So Common

I told you a few weeks ago that G's nanny did not come back from her Christmas vacation, right? Because of that my MIL hired another nanny for G. At first I thought that she is ok and easy to work with... well, I was wrong. 

First of all, she is gross. She has head lice! Second, she is super lazy as in she is not really taking care of G. She just wants to eat and lie down the whole day. Third, she does not listen to M or to my parents when they are teaching her how to do something properly. Imagine, M gave her a shampoo for her head lice and told her to take a bath and use that shampoo. The next afternoon, we saw her still NOT TAKING A BATH! HOW GROSS IS THAT?!

Lastly, she does not have any common sense at all. I'll give you 2 instances:

1. The missing ketchup and spoon & fork.
One morning, my mom prepared a container with ketchup and a set of spoon and fork for my brother's baon (packed lunch) to work. When she was about to fix the baon already, she can't seem to find the ketchup and spoon and fork. She looked everywhere and even asked our other househelp if she saw it. The other househelp said that she saw and and even placed them together on the bar so it can easily be seen by my mom. My mom had a hunch that G's nanny took it.

She asked the nanny:

Mom: "Nakita mo ba yung ketchup at spoon and fork dito sa bar?"
(Have you seen the ketchup and spoon and fork that I placed on the bar?)

Nanny: "Opo"

Mom: "Nasaan na?"
(Where is it?)

Nanny: "Pinabaon ko kay G, akala ko baon niya yun kasama nung brownies na baon niya"
(I put it in G's lunch box, I thought it goes with his brownies)

*Come on! Brownies with ketchup and spoon and fork?! Are you kidding me?

2. The can of milk
The nanny prepared pancakes for G's breakfast. G likes his pancakes with butter, sugar and evaporated milk. Since we don't have any opened can of milk, my mom gave the nanny a new one to open. After 5 minutes, my mom saw that the nanny was not yet done pouring milk onto the pancake. G went to my mom and said that the can of milk only lets out small drops of milk. My mom got confused, went out and checked the can... THERE WAS ONLY ONE HOLE! The nanny only made ONE OPENING. Goodness gracious! It will take her weeks before she can pour a decent amount of milk out of that can with just one hole!

My gulay! We need a new nanny! A new one with common sense, please!

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