Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bali, Indonesia Trip - January 2014 - Day 2

Day 2 was spent visiting the temples and other sights in Bali. We hired a van with a driver that will drive us around bali. We paid him 550,000 IDR for 10 hours and an additional 50,000 IDR for every hour in excess (not included are the parking fees and entrance fees). We started our day around 9am and ended around 11pm.

Our first stop was the Batuan Temple. Before entering the temple, everyone was required to wear a sarong or malong. The people in charge them will let you borrow the sarong for free but they have a donation box near them and in case you want to donate, you have to write your name and how much you donated in their log book. Anyway, we were hesitant to wear the sarong because it was a very, very hot day but we have no choice because it was required.

Here are some pictures that we took at Batuan Temple:

Next stop was the Goa Gajah (Elephant cave). It looks like the icon of the game application Temple Run. If you go out of the cave and go further down, there is a river that is surrounded with big trees and a big buddha. It is hard to recognize the big buddha since it is already torn into pieces caused by an earthquake years before.

After taking some pictures at Goa Gajah, we went to Ibu Oka to have our lunch. Their specialty is roasted pig. Very similar to our local lechon but they use spices or curry for flavoring. I don't eat curry but I was able to tolerate the taste of their lechon (although, I got sick later on that day and I suspect that the cause was the curry and spices). I really like their crispy pork and pork skin. The food was also not that expensive - 60,000 IDR for a plate with crispy pork, 1pc pork skin, sausage, pork meat with curry flavoring and rice - but we always had a hard time computing how much is the cost in Philippine Peso hahaha!

grabbed from S' instagram

After eating lunch, we then went to Pura Tirta Empul which is a place where people bathe in holy water. Of course we did not try to bathe there but just took some pictures. Near Pura Tirta Empul also is one of the vacation houses of Indonesia's president (according to our driver).

Next place we visited was their rice terraces of Tegalalang and Ubud. It is incomparable to our own Banaue rice terraces but still, it is a sight to see. We just took some quick pictures then headed on to our next destination already. However, the driver told us that we won't be able to make it to Uluwatu anymore because it is already late and it will be dark by the time we get there. So my friend S just asked him to bring us to Ayana Resort/Hotel to check out their famous Rock Bar (a bar on the cliff of the mountain). 

Last stop was dinner at New Moon Cafe in Jimabaran. Since I was already not feeling well and just wanted to throw up and sleep, I decided not to eat dinner anymore and just rest so that I can recuperate and enjoy the activities for the next day.

grabbed from S' instagram

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