Friday, January 10, 2014

Vacation Starts Tomorrow!

Happy Friday everyone! 

Finally it's the weekend! I survived a whole work week (*clap* *clap*). Anyway, my vacation to Bali with my friends starts tomorrow. I am excited as I have never been to Bali... first time to explore a beach other than Boracay :) I don't know what to expect and what to do there other than to go swimming and sunbathe, I have asked my friend to make an itinerary for our trip but I guess she's kind of busy because we don't have any plans T_T. But in any case, I will make sure that I will allot a time to go to the shopping malls... what's a vacation without shopping right? Hahaha!

*cross fingers* I hope this trip will be super fun!

As for my outfit, here's what I wore yesterday:

 photo IMG_4901.jpg
Top: Forever 21 * Skirt: Express * Shoes: Call it Spring

 photo IMG_4902.jpg

Here's what I am wearing today:

 photo IMG_4909.jpg
 photo IMG_4911.jpg
Top: Cache Cache * Skirt: Topshop * Boots: Call it Spring

Happy Weekend!

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