Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thumb Injury

My thumb got stuck in the car door this morning! OUCH!

For comparison

Left = injured/swollen

Right = normal

While I was getting down of the car, I was preventing the car door to slam shut but the car door was too heavy and closed even before I removed my whole hand in the way! Alas, my left thumb got caught and it was so painful that I started screaming. M was inside the car the whole time and while I was screaming, he was just there, sitting, laughing and looking at me. So, I had to collect myself, stop panicking and have the presence of mind to open the car door BECAUSE NO ONE WAS GOING TO HELP ME!

Right after I opened the door, I felt all the pain in my thumb and it started to swell. It is now almost 10 hours since that incident and my left thumb is still a bit swollen. I can feel the pain whenever I would use my thumb for typing in my phone or in my computer keyboard :(

I hope this does not hinder me to still do all my planned activities this long weekend.

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