Saturday, January 04, 2014

The 52 Week Money Challenge by Kuripot Pinay - UPDATED

I found this circulating in facebook, the "52 Week Money Challenge" by Kuripot Pinay who got the idea from Life As You Live It.

The original challenge was in dollars and kuripot pinay converted it into peso for our convenience. The idea is to set a goal (trip, luxury item, gadgets or whatever you like) and try to save up every week for that goal. The catch is you start with the minimum amount which is Php 50 and increase it by Php 50 every week. By the end of the year, you get to save an amount totalling to Php 68,900!

Since I promised myself that I will really start saving up this year and minimize my shopping spree, I am taking this challenge in the hopes that I get to have Php 68, 900 by the end of this year... which I plan to use on travel/vacation. If I get to complete this challenge, then I will start doing this every year.

Here is the challenge in Philippine Peso created by kuripot pinay:

For more information about this challenge, visit Life As You Live It's website or Kuripot Pinay's website.

Now, I need to find a nice piggy bank for my savings...


Still from the blog post of Kuripot Pinay, there are now several kinds/variations of the 52 week money challenge:

*all pictures grabbed from kuripot pinay's site.

Php 5

Php 10
Php 20
With a certain amount as your goal; i.e. Php 50000

Pick your choice, you can always start with the original Php 50 then change to the Php 10 or Php 20 if it is getting harder for you to reach the amount to be saved per week (especially in the months of October to December).

Other versions here.

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