Friday, January 10, 2014

No More Nanny :(

You see, G's yaya/nanny (he calls her "Ate") did not come back from her "Christmas vacation" so we are now looking for a new nanny to take care of him. However, my in-laws have 2 new house help and whenever G is picked up by my in-laws they bring one of them to be his temporary nanny. Anyway, last night I was talking to G and was telling him that he doesn't have an "Ate" anymore because she did not come back after her vacation.

Here's how our convesation went:

Me: "You don't have anymore Ate"

G: "It's ok, MommyLa has a new Ate"

<Me thinking if my in-law got a new nanny for G>

Me: "Really? So she will be your new Ate already?"

G: "No. She is not the Ate that we ordered..."

M upon hearing this started laughing out loud.

Me: "Huh? What do you mean?"

G: "She's MommyLa's new Ate but not for me, she is not the one that we ordered"

After hearing "she's not the one that we ordered" for the second time, I wasn't able to control myself anymore and started laughing and G also laughed without knowing why the 3 of us are all laughing. Hahahaha!

Kids are so darn funny, aren't they?

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