Thursday, January 16, 2014

Boracay Trip - October 2013 - Day 3

The day after the epic halloween party, we just wanted to chill - sleep, eat, swim, drink (repeat 3x).

Photoblog :)

 photo PB010644.jpg

 photo PB010651.jpg

 photo PB010652.jpg

 photo PB010655.jpg

 photo PB010659.jpg

 photo PB010666.jpg

 photo PB010667.jpg

 photo PB010673.jpg

 photo PB010683.jpg

 photo PB010686.jpg

 photo PB010692.jpg

 photo IMG_4005.jpg
Chili Crabs for lunch!

 photo IMG_4006.jpg
Butter garlic shrimps

 photo IMG_4007.jpg
Steamed lobster

 photo PB010695.jpg

 photo PB010697.jpg

 photo PB010701.jpg

 photo IMG_4008.jpg

 photo PB010710.jpg

 photo IMG_4014.jpg

 photo PB010711.jpg

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