Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thumb Injury

My thumb got stuck in the car door this morning! OUCH!

For comparison

Left = injured/swollen

Right = normal

While I was getting down of the car, I was preventing the car door to slam shut but the car door was too heavy and closed even before I removed my whole hand in the way! Alas, my left thumb got caught and it was so painful that I started screaming. M was inside the car the whole time and while I was screaming, he was just there, sitting, laughing and looking at me. So, I had to collect myself, stop panicking and have the presence of mind to open the car door BECAUSE NO ONE WAS GOING TO HELP ME!

Right after I opened the door, I felt all the pain in my thumb and it started to swell. It is now almost 10 hours since that incident and my left thumb is still a bit swollen. I can feel the pain whenever I would use my thumb for typing in my phone or in my computer keyboard :(

I hope this does not hinder me to still do all my planned activities this long weekend.

Bali, Indonesia Trip - January 2014 - Day 1

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First out of the country trip with my high school friends... fun, fun trip :)

Day 1

Since the flight is at 4am, we (me and my friends) arrived early at Denpansar airport. The hotel shuttle was already waiting for us outside the airport. The hotel is just around 20-30 mins away from the airport so we arrived early at the hotel. Because the check-in time is at 2pm and we arrived at the hotel around 9am, we rode the hotel shuttle that was going to Discovery mall first to eat lunch and check out the beach at Kuta. On the way to the mall we saw a money changer store that has a high exchange rate. We asked the driver to wait for us while we exchange money. There were 5 of us who wanted to have our USD exchanged to IDR. 2 of my friends went first but when it was our turn those 2 friends went back to the counter to tell the man that the money was not enough. They were lacking around 150000-250000 Rupiah. When it was our turn already, I asked my friend to count the money twice to make sure that we get the right amount. Suddenly, the man in the counter told us that he doesn't have enough money to give us and asked us to return the rupiah and get our usd back. That was when we realized that it was a scam! It was not a legit money changer and the man wanted to scam us! Good thing that all of us counted the money in front of him to let him know that he did not give the right mount.

Anyway, after that we headed straight to the mall. We roamed around a bit then walked going to Kuta beach. We had lunch at Head Quarters. The food was ok, I was able to eat it even though I am not really into Indonesian cuisine. After lunch, we booked our activity for our 3rd day which was a ride in yacht and a trip to a beach/resort. Since it was already 1pm, we wanted to go back to the hotel to finish our check-in and freshen up before heading out again. This was the time that we realized that a lot of the taxi drivers in Bali are scammers! My friend S hailed 2 taxi cabs, both of them wanted to charge us 100,000 IDR for a quick 5 minute trip to our hotel! My friend already had an idea about the cab fares so she did not give in to the scam. The 3rd taxi that she hailed agreed to use the meter, so we all rode that cab. Then all of a sudden, the other taxi driver came knocking on my friend's window. When my friend opened the door, the taxi driver got angry at her saying stuff like "Why you inquire with me then not ride with me?! You bad in Bali! You bad people not good for Bali! F*ck You!". We were shocked with what happened but then we just laughed it off on the way to the hotel. What a way to welcome us tourists in Bali, right?

Photo grabbed from S's instagram

When we got back to the hotel, we freshened up and rested a bit. My friend S and I then went to Kuta Square to shop for some Billabong and Quiksilver items. Then we rode a cab to go to Beachwalk (a new and hip mall across Kuta beach) to shop at Pull & Bear. We wanted to wait for the sunset at Kuta beach before going back to the hotel so while waiting, we had some pizza and margarita at Sardinia restaurant. We did not like the food and drinks but because we were super hungry, we were able to finish it hahaha! We took some sunset pictures at Kuta beach before going back to the hotel.

We had dinner at Naughty Nuri's Warung in Batubelig then some drinks at Eikon at Legian road/street before calling it a day.

From S's instagram

Monday, January 27, 2014

Red Leather

Another promod sale find!

A bit loose even though it is the smallest size already.
I love the color!
Very comfortable.

Top: Mango * Skirt: Promod * Shoes: Gucci


Friday, January 24, 2014

Orange & Aztec

I am so loving this skirt that I got from Express:

Top: Promod * Skirt: Express * Shoes: Aldo

I should have bought at least 2 of this skirt... If I only knew then that it would fit me well and it would look really pretty...

Mommy's Shoes

I went inside our shoe closet storage room full of shoes and was looking for a pair to wear to the office that is a bit casual and something that I haven't worn for a long time... then I saw a pair of Michael Kors wedges that belongs to my mom! I immediately grabbed it and checked it out. It still looks pretty new because she only wore it twice, I tried it on (we have the same shoe size) and voila! I have something new to wear to the office :)

Top: Apostrophe * Pants: H&M * Shoes: Michael Kors

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Improving Grades

G gave me his report card last night and I am happy to know and see that his grades improved during the 3rd quarter. I am also happy that his highest grades are Language and Math because it goes to show that he got his math skills from me and english skills from M hehehe.

Also, he can now speak and understand more Filipino words and can even converse using the Filipino language. Now, I won't have a hard time scolding him anymore because I can talk in Filipino and he will understand me already hahahaha!

As for my outfit for today, here is a quick photo shoot at our office building's escalator (sorry for the guy at the back for the sudden picture taking):

Top & Skirt: Forever 21 * Shoes: Bershka

Boracay Trip - October 2013 - Day 4

Last day in Paradise... Last chance to swim
I can't wait 'till our next adventure office friends :)

Mostly pool shots and selfie :p

 photo PB020740.jpg

 photo IMG_4017.jpg

 photo PB020724.jpg

 photo PB020731.jpg

 photo PB020733.jpg

 photo PB020738.jpg

 photo PB020742.jpg

 photo PB020743.jpg

 photo PB020744.jpg

 photo PB020746.jpg

 photo PB020748.jpg

 photo PB020754.jpg

Up next, my Bali trip...

Monday, January 20, 2014

Hellish Monday Traffic

Outfit of the day first to get me in a good mood:

 photo IMG_5080.jpg

 photo IMG_5087.jpg
Top: Promod * Skirt: Forever 21 * Shoes: Call it Spring

 photo IMG_5085.jpg

Okay, so now on to the hellish traffic that I went through today. I left the house at 6:45 am, early enough to reach EDSA without much traffic but late enough to escape the rush hour traffic at Commonwealth. I was able to get out of Commonwealth in 20 minutes but it took me more than an hour just to reach EDSA Cubao (because of all the buses!) and then another hour from Cubao to Makati! More than 2 hours of driving just to reach the office! My legs were hurting and it took all my willpower just to resist having a road rage especially when the other drivers try to cut me upon seeing that I am a woman driver (of course I did not allow them to cut me, I am a better driver than them! hmpf!). 

Now, I am dreading the drive going home from the office later... hay... I think I need to hire a driver already...

How about you? How's your Monday so far?

Friday, January 17, 2014

Items For Sale - New Items Uploaded

I did some cleaning before the year 2013 ended and found that a lot of my stuff that I don't want anymore are either super rarely used or brand new. So, instead of just giving them away I decided to sell them since they are all still in very good condition.

For the complete list, please visit my photobucket site.
Please note the following:
1. All prices are in Philippine Peso.
2. All branded items are original (no fake items!).
3. Slightly used means used 2-3 times only.
4. All items are in good condition.
5. Meet ups at The Enterprise Center in Makati only. Monday to Friday (excluding holidays) from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm only.
6. Shipping within Metro Manila only (60 pesos for S-M packages; 80 pesos for L-XL packages).
7. Free shipping for orders of Php 1000 and up.
8. For those interested in buying, kindly leave a message here or contact me at 0917 8808608. Please state your name, items you want to buy and if you want it shipped or for pick up.

Happy Shopping!

 photo IMG_4486.jpg
Invicta; Php 3500 - BRAND NEW from US
Nine West; 6.5 US; Php 2500 - used twice only

Mango; XS; Php 300 (light blue)

Pink Manila; S; Php 100 - SOLD

Calvin Klein; M; Php 300 - slightly used

Php 600 - brand new - SOLD

Php 1500 - brand new; no box - SOLD

Zara bag; Php 200 - slightly used - SOLD

Mothercare; 5T/5yo; Php 100 - slightly used

Php 2300 - brand new

Mango; Small; Php 150 - SOLD

Guess; Medium; Php 150 - SOLD

Zara; Medium; Php 150 - slightly used - SOLD

Free size; Php 200 - BRAND NEW

Mango; XXS; Php 150 - slightly used

Rampage; Small; Php 200 - slightly used

Free size; Php 200 - SOLD

Promod; XS; Php 200 - slightly used

Guess; Php 500 - BRAND NEW

Forever 21; Small; Php 100 - SOLD

Forever 21; Medium; Php 200 - slightly used - SOLD

L.E.I.; XS; Php 300 - BRAND NEW

Apostrophe; Free size; Php 250 - slightly used - SOLD

Forever 21; Small; Php 300 - slightly used

H&M; XS (2); Php 300 - brand new; no tag

Mango; XXS (1); Php150 - SOLD

American Eagle; XXS (0); Php 150

Terranova; Small; Php 150 - BRAND NEW - SOLD

Thomas; 3T/3yo; Php30 - SOLD

Children's Place; 3T/3yo; Php 30 - SOLD

Nautica; 5T/5yo; Php 50 - SOLD

Old Navy; 5T/5yo; Php 30 - SOLD

This is also posted in sulit. Also, check out the house and lot that we are selling.