Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Beware of this Woman

For those of you who are driving along EDSA everyday, BEWARE OF THIS WOMAN!

She tried to run away from us after hitting our car! We honked at her during the collision itself, honked and flashed (headlights, sorry don't know the english term of "inilawan/binright-an") at her while she was driving away and while we were behind her but she continued to ignore us!

Good thing, there were a lot of traffic enforcers near Shaw underpass and was able to stop her. This mad old woman was angry at us for stopping her and she was putting the collision blame on us! Imagine that! Stupid woman said it was our fault, if it was really our fault, we wouldn't run after you and you wouldn't run away from us... think girl!

White Mitsubishi ASX GLS
2011 model
PQD 973
She works at Pepsi Co.

Stay away from her when you see her driving along EDSA or whichever road!

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