Thursday, December 19, 2013

A horse? A pony? Or A Goat?

Is M riding a horse? A pony? Or a goat?

It most probably is a goat hahahahaha!

We went to Tagaytay a few weekends ago to go trekking at Taal Volcano. It was our first time there and the experience was worth it. The view at the crater is spectacular but a little scary since there are no real fences to keep you from falling off the cliff/edge.

We decided to take the boat from Taal Yacht Club (?) going to the volcano. The boat ride was scary since the boat was small and the waves were big, plus we got super wet. One boat costs 2800 pesos good for 4-5 persons. Then the horse rental is optional, most caucasians prefer to hike but most Filipinos and Koreans prefer to rent a horse. It only costs 500 pesos for a single rider, if 2 persons will ride a horse there is an additional 250 pesos. But I would not recommend the 2 persons per horse, it will give you a terrible pack pain!

Anyway,  the drinks at the cottages at the viewing deck costs 50 pesos and you have the option to give a drink to your guide/horse guide, which you have to pay.

All in all, it was a nice but very tiring trip but since I am not a nature person, I don't think I will go back there again. :p

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