Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Successful Shoe Shopping

I mentioned in my other post that I was on a hunt for the perfect shoes for my company's upcoming Christmas party. I am so happy to announce that I found them a couple of weeks ago and the best part is that it didn't cost that much! Yey!

The color and the height = perfect for my Christmas party gown :)

And because it was affordable, I was still able to buy these boots that I have been wanting for so long (3 effin' years!):

cheaper than the one I was lusting for in the US 3 years ago!

Plus these cute earrings (on sale):

only 340 pesos from 600+

M was with me shopping. So, while I was trying on several shoes and deciding which one to buy, M found these formal shoes that he will wear during the Christmas party and the wedding on Friday:

Shiny maroon formal shoes. perfect for tuxedos

Black formal shoes

I am loving this store already. Since it is a sister company of Aldo, most of the shoes are similar to what Aldo sells (and aldo is one of my favorite shoe brand!).

I am one happy shopper!

*Wait for my other posts, my Christmas shopping spree has started...

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