Wednesday, November 06, 2013

I Gained 5 Pounds in 4 Days!

Holy crap! I gained 5 pounds in my 4 day stay in Boracay! Eating 3 full meals a day with snacks in between, who wouldn't gain weight, right?

Ugh! I need to shed the excess pounds so that I can eat a lot during Christmas and new year!

Should I diet? Exercise? Both? Is there an easier way? 

If only I have the time to workout at least 3 times a day... for now I'll just stick to my usual diet to lose weight just in time to gain them again on Christmas hahahaha!

Anyway, here are 2 of my outfits a few weeks ago (backlogs are piling up...shoot!):

Top: Zara * Skirt: Forever 21 * Shoes: Dorothy Perkins * Watch: Guess

Top: Forever 21 * Skirt: Zara * Shoes: Jessica Simpson * Bangles: Forever 21 * Watch: FCUK

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