Tuesday, November 26, 2013

2nd AGS PTC + Fun Day at BGC

A few weeks ago, I attended the 2nd quarter PTC of AGS. G's grade went down a little except for Filipino. It was good to know that he is learning and understanding more in Filipino since that was his only grade below 90 during the 1st quarter. Even though most of his grades went down, he still got an average of 92+ and he also got an award, "Best English Speaker in Class"!

After the PTC, we went straight to BGC to have some late breakfast and go around High Street to shop before going home.

Here are some pictures:

OOTD: Top: Lacoste * Pants: Armani Exchange * Belt: Stardivarius * Slippers: Fit Flp * Bag: Gucci * Watch: FCUK

on G: Top: Lacoste * Pants: Gap Kids * Shoes: Gap Kids

And here is the preview of what I got:

Will post pictures of the items soon

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