Friday, October 18, 2013

One Run, One Philippines

We (me, G and my mom) joined the Run for Pasig River event a couple of weeks ago. It was our first ever run/marathon/jog event. We joined the Ateneo group which was at cluster 7 (there were 9 clusters, I think).

The assembly time was 5 am, we got there around 5:30 am and there were a lot of people already (traffic was also starting to build up). The gun start was at 6 am but since we were near the end and there were a lot of people who joined, we got to the starting line at past 7 am already!

It was already scorching hot when we started to run... este, walk. Yes, we walked. It was hard to run with all those people walking/jogging/running with you at the same time (around 80k joined?). We only did the 3k run because G wanted to go back already and rest. We parted ways with the Ateneo group because they were going to finish the 5k run.

We finished around 8:30 am so we rested a little before heading to UP-Ayala Technohub to have our breakfast... the best part hahahaha!

Some pictures from the run:

Our breakfast:

We went home around 9:30 am thinking that there was no more traffic... WRONG!

Traffic at QCMC was super heavy with 4 lanes closed! It took as an hour just to go around the whole QCMC! AN HOUR! Can you imagine the stress that I got with that traffic?!

I don't think I will be joining any run again soon.

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