Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Magnolia Fun House

We visited the Magnolia Fun House at SM North Edsa last weekend to grab some ice cream. It was our first time to eat there since we used to go to Nestle Creamery near Gilmore before it was demolished to make way for a new mall and condominium... pft!

Anyway, we were hoping and expecting that their selection of ice cream and food would be as great as that of Nestle Creamery (or even just Iceberg's!) but we got disappointed. There were just a few food and ice cream choices. We just settled for 2 kinds of ice creams which we thought would be superb... shoot, I forgot the names. I can only remember that one was mango ice cream with fresh mangoes, crushed grahams, whipped cream and strawberry syrup. The other one was, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream with strawberry syrup, tiny marshmallows, cereals and whipped cream. There was nothing spectacular or special with the ice cream that we got, to think that each one costs around 240-260 pesos! We also didn't like their vanilla and chocolate ice cream, the vanilla wasn't creamy and the chocolate tasted a bit bitter. The fresh mangoes were too sour and the whipped cream doesn't have any taste at all.

I don't think that we will ever eat there again. The ice cream and food at Iceberg's is better than at Magnolia Fun House.

I wish that Nestle creamery would come back... I miss their ice cream and food :(

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