Friday, October 04, 2013

Craving for Banana-Cue or Kamote-Cue

Let me start with my outfit of the day. A bit delayed because this what I wore last Tuesday:

Top: no brand, from bazaar * Skirt: Terranova Kids * Tights and Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Yes, I finally wore this skirt from terranova kids. It has been hanging in my closet for months now and I totally forgot about it.

Moving on, I am craving for some banana-cue or kamote-cue (or kamote fries). I haven't eaten a kamote-cue or kamote-fries in years, I miss it so much. 

I was supposed to buy a banana and kamote-cue in Sentro restaurant but it was too expensive. It costs Php 110! If I buy it on the streets, it would only cost me Php 10-20! Do you know any place where I can buy them aside from the silver boxes here in Makati?

Or maybe, I will just make my own tomorrow since it is a weekend. I can buy the ingredients from the grocery and ask our nanny to cook it hahahaha!

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