Wednesday, October 02, 2013

AGS Fiesta/Fair 2013

G and I attended the AGS Fair last Saturday. It was G's first ever school fair.

There were a lot of food stalls, rides and activities around the AGS campus. The school fair nowadays differs a lot from what we had during my HS days. Before, we only had stalls of hot dogs, cotton candy, popcorn, rice in a box and ice cream. Now, they have Krispy Kreme, McDonald's, CPK, Red Mango, Belgian Waffles, Jamba Juice, Dippin' Dots, Zagu, J. Co, Pizza Hut, Papa John's and a lot more. Plus there was a Lego booth that was selling discounted Lego toys!

The rides that were made available to the grade school students were the usual: caterpillar, octopus, velocity, anchor's away, go kart and 2 large inflatables.

Here's my outfit on that day:

Top: Cache Cache * Shorts: Zara * Slippers: Fit Flop * Bag: Louis Vuitton * Watch: FCUK * Sunglasses: Pepe Jeans
Btw, did you know that I just got those sunglasses for free?! My mom bought a new one and got this one for free. She gave it to me and it is super worth it. I don't get a headache whenever I wear them plus I can wear them at the beach and wouldn't mind it getting wet and ruined hahahaha!

Here are some pics of the event:


No seatbelts! Just us sitting down and holding on the rail.

There's me getting dizzy...

The go karts - super kid friendly... no engines hahahaha!

We don't have any pictures riding the caterpillar :(

G had so much fun and is super excited for the next AGS fair!

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