Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hooray for a Sunny Tuesday!

It's sunny already! The storm has passed! I'm hoping that this will lessen the traffic and travel time, make our clean car last longer and I'll feel better soon (currently sick!).

Anyway, let me tell you what happened 2 weeks ago (Friday and Saturday).

We had a family dinner at Outback G4 last August 2. They have the best complimentary (and unlimited) bread and butter and we finally tried their prime rib steak (we usually go for the filet mignon). It was so good... it was tender and juicy and it comes with their delicious mashed potatoes. We also tried their burger with fries which was also juicy (and very big) and their combo appetizer. I didn't like their appetizer that much. The calamares did not taste fresh, the buffalo wings was not that spicy (and it smelled funny - amoy kilikili) and the Aussie fries with cheese was nothing spectacular (the appetizer of Friday's is much better). The food serving is good for 2 though (if you eat like a typical Pinoy), so it is better to share so as not to have left overs.

Top: Lacoste * Skirt: Miss Selfridge * Shoes: Zara * Bangle: Forever 21 * Watch: Charriol

L-R: Burger, Herb crusted prime rib, 2 kinds of appetizers, complimentary bread and butter

Then August 3, we (me, M and our officemates) partied at Republiq in Resorts World. We got there early so we were able to watch a movie and have dinner first before the party starts :). We watched Red 2, it's a funny movie with a lot of twists... a feel good movie. Watch it if you haven't seen it you will be amused with John Malkovich and Helen Mirren. After the movie, we had dinner at Johnny Chow. The food in Johnny Chow is for sharing so be careful when ordering. My friends ordered 1 dish for each person so when the food came, it was too much for us to finish hahaha! Good thing that I just ordered a dimsum and mango sago. Their mango sago is a must try, it's delish!

Top: Ever New * Inner Top: Mango * Blazer: Mango * Shorts: Topshop * Sandals: Aldo * Watch: FCUK * Bangle: Forever 21 * Bag: Louis Vuitton

We went inside Republiq a little early so that we can get our reserved platinum table. When partying, platinum is ALWAYS the way to go. You get your own bouncer/s and waiter/s. The table is very near the DJ and the area is guarded by a bouncer. Aside from that, you get to consume the amount you paid for, so it was all good. We got to order 3 vodka with orange and cranberry juice, 1 chivas, several beers and 4 orders of food.

It was also our first time to order food in Republiq. We...err... I ordered the spicy jalapeno popper dip. This is a must try, if you love cheese and spicy food then you got to have this! It was super yummy! I also ordered chicken quesadilla, which I wasn't able to try anymore, and the croquet with baked brie cheese with garlic and rosemary oil.

Next time, I'll try the food in Republiq Cafe. 

*Watch out for my next Resorts World entry because I just came from there last Saturday (yeah! 2 consecutive Saturday!)

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