Monday, August 19, 2013

Fun Family Day at Resorts World

We spent the weekend at Resorts World last August 10-11 (no Republiq for me though... I have to try the food in Republiq cafe soon!). 

We got a free room at Remington hotel again courtesy of my FIL (thanks!). It was a hectic but fun Saturday for the three of us.

We first went to Megamall to 1) have my dresses altered 2) pay our globe bills 3) have G's haircut 4) buy an accessory for the car in Concorde 5) eat at El Pollo Loco 6) buy snacks at the grocery. We finished around 2 pm and then headed to Remington hotel for our check-in. While waiting for our turn in the check-in counter, M bought the tickets for the screening of Smurfs 2. After checking in, we rested a bit inside the room before heading to the cinemas. G bought some popcorn and drinks before watching the movie (he likes munching while watching a movie). The movie is a bit funny adults but definitely a fun movie for kids. G liked it and was laughing all throughout the movie. When we exited the cinema, G saw the toys for sale and was asking begging us to buy him a toy. I let him choose between buying a toy and playing in the play area in Game Zoo. He chose the latter, so off we go the Game Zoo while M went to the casino to play.

I blinked lol!

and he copied me!
OOTD: Top: Lacoste * Pants: H&M * Shoes: Gap Kids

Top: Mango * Inner top: Mango * Shorts: Roxy * Belt: Stardivarius * Sandals: Aldo * Bag: Gucci * Watch: FCUK * Leather bracelet: Forever 21

After playing, we went to Maxim's cafe or Cafe Maxim's first to have a snack before heading to dinner at Passion. G had a mango shake while I got the coffee and churros combo. Dinner at Passion was a treat from my in-laws (thanks!) and while eating dinner, G kept on bugging me to buy him the toy near the cinema. After I said no for the nth time, he asked money from his grandparents and even from Y hahahaha! He asked me how much was the toy he wanted (600 Php) and that was the amount that he asked for from his grandparents and Y. His grandma gave him 500 Php and Y gave him 100 Php. After he got the money, he was very excited to go the store and buy the toy. But once we get to the store, he can't decide what toy to buy anymore. He keeps on changing his mind, he wanted to buy the blue plane (from the movie planes), then the green plane, then the remote controlled plane (which was too expensive!), then the smurfs, the plane again... until he decided to buy the Mega Blocks Handy Smurf toy. 

After buying the toy, we immediately went back to the hotel room so that he can open the toy already and play with it. We slept around 12 am and was excited for the activities the next day... eat breakfast! Hahahaha!

'Till our next Resorts World adventure!

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