Thursday, August 08, 2013

Fondue Night

Last July 30 was the last day of claiming for my Big Chill fondue for 2 voucher. I didn't want my money to go to waste so I dragged M and Y to GB3 to claim the voucher before it expires!

The fondue was good enough for 3 persons, the chocolate isn't Belgian but was good enough for our taste (hey, it only costs 180 pesos!). The food included were marshmallows, mangoes, bananas and butter cookies/tea cookies. The bowl was almost filled with chocolate and was not getting hard or dry even after it has been heated for more than 30 minutes already. 

The marshmallow and mango are my favorite. They taste so good with the chocolate. I let the marshmallow stay a little longer inside the fondue bowl to let it melt a bit... it is heavenly! The banana is good also but it was sliced a bit big so I had to double dip it to be able to taste the chocolate and not just the banana itself. The tea/butter cookie was a bit hard to eat because it soaks up the chocolate and then it breaks down. And the cookie was hard to eat using the fondue fork, it just breaks it apart!

We weren't able to finish the chocolate itself but we didn't have anymore food to dip, so I just asked for a spoon to use for eating the leftover chocolate hahahaha!

All in all it was not bad based on the amount of money that I paid for it.

Here's what I was wearing that day:

Top: no brand, from bazaar * Skirt: Promod * Shoes: Michael Kors * Watch: Guess

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