Friday, July 05, 2013

Superman Junior

Meet my little superman ^_^

Shirt: Old Navy * Pants: H & M * Shoes: Gucci
We attended the 2nd birthday party of my nephew last Sunday at Shakey's. The theme of the birthday was super heroes thus the free cape for the kids. G is old enough to know the games of the party so he was excited to play and receive prizes. However, the emcee of the party was speaking in Filipino so G couldn't understand some of the instructions. He was able to win 2 times during the "bring me" game so he was happy with the prizes that he got.

G was able to bring home several prizes, balloons. loot bags and a whole cake hahahaha!

Practicing for his 7th birthday!

Outfit shot:
Top: Lacoste * Pants: Armani Exchange * Slippers: Fit Flop * Watch:  Michael Kors * Bag: Gucci

Speaking of birthday, I'm already planning for G's 7th birthday next year and I still don't have a final venue (I want an air-conditioned function hall). Our clubhouse does not have an air-conditioned hall and I don't want my guests to get sweaty hahaha!

Any suggestions?

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