Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Singapore Trip - March 2013 - Day 4 (Part 2)

Day 4 - part 2

It was raining hard when we arrived at the marina bay station and we didn't have any umbrella with us. We had no choice but to wait for the rain to stop since there were no covered or shaded path that we could use to go the the office building. We waited for about 30 minutes until the rain stopped. It was our first time to visit the SG office. We went there to meet M's boss and some other people that M worked with. We went a the local bar across the office building to have a few drinks together with the SG office people. M's boss ordered 2 Macallan whisky bottles to drink. At around 7:45 to 8 pm we left the bar to go to the SG flyer.

While walking going to the flyer, it started raining again! Good thing that there is a covered walkway going to the flyer. We took some pictures and then bought tickets. We boarded the flyer around 8:40-8:50 pm, it will take about 30 minutes or so to complete the whole cycle of the flyer. The SG flyer is open until 10 pm. The ride was very, very slow and kind of boring especially when the carriage is still at a low level. When we reached a good height, we started taking pictures until halfway down before getting off the flyer. It was already 9:30 when we disembarked so there was no enough time to go to either Marina Square or Suntec City to eat dinner there. We just ate dinner at Popeye's at the SG flyer building. After dinner, we decided to go home and call it a day so that we can have enough time and energy for the next day's shopping adventure!

Can't wait for it (but a bit sad because we will go home in 2 days :( )

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