Friday, July 19, 2013

Singapore Trip - March 2013 - Day 4 (Part 1)

Day 4 - Part 1 (photo blog)

We planned to start our day early but as usual we left the hotel behind our planned schedule again. We have a lot of places to visit today and we plan make the most out of our day so that we will have the whole day tomorrow for shopping. 

First stop is Chinatown to visit temples and other places but since it is our first time there on our own, we didn't know what to do and where to go hahaha! We ate breakfast first at McDonald's near People's Park (their local Divisoria/Greenhills) then decided that we will just visit the temples and not visit the shopping places anymore. We crossed the street using the footbridge with a garden and "temple" to go to Pagoda street. Pagoda street is full of shops that sells all kinds of souvenir items. We bought some souvenirs and pasalubong for our maid and G's yaya and then went to the nearest temple. The first temple that we saw was a Hindu temple, we just took pictures outside because if we go inside and take a picture there, we have to pay $6. After taking some pictures, we decided to head straight to Merlion Park because we don't know how far the other temples are (and it was sooooo hot!).

We rode the MRT going to the Merlion Park. We went down at Raffles Place station, walked to Fullerton hotel and used the underpass there to go to the park. Near the park we saw a coffee bean and tea leaf store (air condition!!!!). We took short break there first to have some drinks and snack and also to rest our feet. After around 30 minutes, we proceeded to the Merlion to take our pictures. The place is full of tourist which is somewhat a good thing because there are a lot of people that we can ask to take our pictures hahahahaha! They also asked us to take their picture in return hahahaha! 

Next stop is the Marina Bay Sands Hotel (and shopping centre). We shopped a little there and then took pictures again. We visited the casino and played a little but lost (so frustrated about this!). Because of the casino, we forgot to visit the garden/s by the bay and it was time for us to go to marina bay financial center already!

*all Singapore posts were written during my trip there.

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